Case study


Before Microsoft Office for the iPad was released, CloudOn was the only application for editing of Microsoft Office documents locally on tablets. While there, I took ownership of the design of collaborative editing and commenting features, mapped the entire redesign of the app, helped to design the phone app, designed marketing images, and created over 100 icons.

In 2015 they were acquired by Dropbox and many of their features, including the collaborative commenting and editing features, were incorporated into current Dropbox products.


January 2014-April 2014


MIT Imagination, Computation, and Expression Lab, D. Fox Harrell, Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell, Dominic Kao, Laurel Carney, Aziria Rodriguez, Pablo Ortiz, Sofia Ayala, Raul Boquin, Jacob Higgins, Helen Ho, Rosanne Hu


User Experience Design

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