Case study


The Cooper U Bootcamp on Disrupting Healthcare was a 4-day workshop in collaboration with Emessence on designing systems to assist people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). We worked in small teams to interview patients, to create personas and user scenarios, and to design end products.

Patients with Multiple Sclerosis can suffer from a wide variety of symptoms, and drug effectiveness can be impossible to predict. Because of this, many MS patients need to track the progression of several symptoms at once, and must stay in regular communication with a care team about the effectiveness of a drug. This process, on top of MS itself, is a huge burden.

MS Tracker is designed to take much of the responsibility out of the hands of the patient while still giving her access to as much information as she needs. The app links the care team (who may not be in communication with one another) with the patient, her symptoms, and the drugs she is taking for an intuitive approach to tracking the progression of this disease.


November 2014


Cooper U, Scott Maiwald, Lissa Doty, Fidel Sosa


User research, User Experience Design

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